The Community Health Association of Richmond and West Stockbridge is a nonprofit  501(c)(3) organization that offers FREE health services for residents of Richmond and West Stockbridge:

House calls: nursing visits and wellness checks
Medication instruction, teaching, and management
Weekly blood pressure clinics
Annual influenza clinics
Protime-INR testing for those on Coumadin therapy and venipuncture for lab tests
Administration of B12 injections
Community education and outreach
Infectious and other communicable disease surveillance and follow –up
COVID-19 case investigation, management, and contact tracing
Available to assist with any questions regarding your health concerns

The Community Health Association will participate in the event of a medical emergency that requires residents to receive antibiotics or vaccinations in the event of an outbreak, pandemic, or bioterrorist.

Emilie Jarrett, RN

West Stockbridge Town Hall

21 State Line Road

​West Stockbridge, MA 01266

Phone:  413-232-0122

Fax:  413-232-0199


Office Hours

Mon-Thurs; 9AM to 1PM

Contact Us

The mission of Community Health Association is to promote individual and community health, to prevent disease, and to provide services which maximize health, independence and quality of life to the residents of Richmond and West Stockbridge.

​Call Emilie at 413-232-0122

There are two Walk-In blood pressure and health promotion clinics weekly:
Wednesdays and Thursdays

from 9:00am-10:00am

at the CHA office 



Emilie Jarrett, RN will have office hours from 9:00AM through 1:00PM Monday through Thursday. We have a dedicated and energetic board of directors that want to reach out to our neighbors and remind them that we’re still here. The rapidly changing and evolving health system that we all turn to when we must may sometimes overlook the small, unassuming services that have been right here in our own community for the best part of a century. Community Health Association of Richmond and West Stockbridge has been dependable, resilient, and has remained consistently excellent for about ninety years. Emilie Jarret is maintaining that excellence and is ready to help our neighbors with assistance, suggestions and first quality hands on advice. .

Community Health Association

of Richmond & West Stockbridge