Community Health Association

of Richmond & West Stockbridge

Some folks remember the days when Community Health of Richmond and West Stockbridge used to host health fairs and were able to get doctors, nurses, and health aids to give free screenings and have all day affairs where many local folks would gather, meet, and share good advice and community company.  Visitors could get tested for many things like blood pressure, dental exams, and many other tests that would be offered by local professionals who had the time to give for wonderful community events such as this. Because of expenses, liability and insurance realities, and a changing world full of very busy schedules, the days of those wonderful health fairs have become almost impossible to arrange, although we have held health fairs in West Stockbridge in recent years.  We still do flu clinics [as many of you know.] We still show up at elder service functions and we still are available at our schools like we used to be. Some neighbors still stop by the office now and then to get their blood pressure checked. Our new goals and objectives will be returning to those basic services that we began with so many years ago. ]

    .    Skilled Nursing in-home visits
    .    Venipuncture for lab tests
    .    Weekly blood pressure and health promotion visits
    .    Influenza vaccine free of charge
    .    Protime testing for those on Coumadin therapy
    .    Administration of B12 injections
    .    Medication Assistance - we can help to fill your weekly medication boxes
    .    Offer interpretation of lab results
    .    Community Education and outreach
    .    Assist with informational research on the web


Call Emilie at 413-232-0122